m5290345 cdgsx6 205x211 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 KEYGEN & CRACKLet’s not beat around the bush: Most graphic design professionals use the very expensive powerhouse pack of apps known as Adobe Creative Suite (about $1,700 street, 4.5 stars, and our Editors’ Choice) for editing images, designing pages, creating new graphics, and building websites. But Adobe $1,925.00 at SoftwareMedia.com isn’t the only option for design professionals, especially those who don’t need the whole kit and caboodle.CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 ($499 direct; $199 upgrade) is a viable option for anyone who doesn’t need the heavy-duty Adobe package, and isn’t a Mac user. CorelDRAW is Windows-only. But it has a few new tools and features in this most recent version make it more versatile than ever before.

CorelDRAW has a slightly more streamlined look, now that the object docker has been cleaned up to group tools together when appropriate.

A few new features make CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 more multi-functional by turning it into a light page design program, which it hasn’t really been before. For example, CorelDRAW now has a page-numbering feature, better abilities to change page layout sizes, a new Lorem Ipsum tool to insert placeholder text, and a button that lets you align and lock text to the baseline grid. These are necessary features for page designers and digital artists anytime they’re working on text-heavy designs, such as marketing materials and brochures.

Corel has added more fonts, too, which again increases the value of the product for print designers by a shot.

For artists who are less concerned with text, the vector drawing program includes a few new shaping tools as well that „smear,” „twirl,” „attract,” and „repel,” objects or points on lines to transform their shapes. The twirl tool lets you quickly spin an object into something new simply by selecting the object and pressing the mouse. The attract tool pulls together points that you select, while repel does the opposite. The smear tool is surprisingly unsmudgy, creating even and symmetrical contours in whichever direction you pull the shape, rather than adding blurry edges. I can easily imagine graphic designers using these tools to make quick iterations on their artwork, without having to adjust every point by hand. They’re quick, produce clean results, and are fun.

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